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This week's subject line was inspired by a sticker in a bike shop bathroom that likely alluded to not mountain biking on muddy trails or maybe it was about not tearing up your two-wheeled friend on the turbo all winter. Maybe it meant enjoy don't destroy the planet?

This evening, googling 'enjoy don't destroy, brought me across many reviews of Don't Look Up; a recently scathing satire of how those with power and influence would react if humanity were threatened with imminent annihilation. Spoiler alert: they'd react poorly & this film is a thinly veiled allegory for climate change. Extra spoiler alert: most reviews are mixed. lol. But some people get it:

"IF YOU’RE WONDERING whether we’ll do anything about global warming before it destroys civilization, think about this ominous fact: It occupies barely any space in popular culture." Jon Schwarz, The Intercept

I found an interview with the film's director Adam McKay. He talked comets, climate change, and total disaster with Chelsea Gohd at space.com:

"I just hope people — through laughing, through engaging with the movie — could just see things a little bit differently when it comes to and feel the urgency of the climate crisis and feel the urgency of the moment, maybe just a little bit more," – Adam McKay

This will be a movie I'll likely watch with the kids over the break and hope their generation follows up on the efforts I hope mine can follow through on to steer our planet off a collision course with a fate our parents, grandparents, and those before them chose to create.

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📷 banner image by Albion photographer Rupert Hartley.


Opinion | Free E-Bikes for Everyone!

Opinion | Free E-Bikes for Everyone!

"We’re in the middle of a climate crisis. We need big ideas."

I love how the article kicks off by citing the Provos' 'White Bike' movement here in Amsterdam. The Provo movement, amongst other things, painted a few bikes white in Amsterdam in 1965 and proposed the city shut down its center to all cars, make a free lockless bike system and add in a few slow-moving electric vehicles.

Some of the author's, Jay Caspian Kang, points:

Is the cycling industry getting real about its environmental impact?

Is the cycling industry getting real about its environmental impact?

Nice write-up on this topic from Bike Radar.

With a link to their podcast and shout to Shift Cycling Culture's efforts as well. Shift's open letter has now been signed by more than 40 brands.

In other Shift Cycling Culture news, Lian was a guest on the Chasing the Peloton podcast as well.

Staying Outside with the Founders of Albion on Cycling Fashion Week

Staying Outside with the Founders of Albion on Cycling Fashion Week

Two of the three founders of Albion, Charlie Stewart, and Jack Howker talk about the ethos of the brand and using cycling as a way to explore the outdoors on the Canadian podcast: Cycling Fashion Week.


We uploaded our Eurobike Zine

We uploaded our Eurobike Zine

In other Twotone news, we're shipping out shirts & patches this week! We still have stock but like the limited zine above, once they're gone, they're gone!

BikeRadar' Best gifts for cyclists in 2021

BikeRadar' Best gifts for cyclists in 2021

Some great last-minute gift ideas in here with a cameo from #twotoneclients SILCA that are so nice, they were mentioned twice! : )

The Radical Adventure Riders Job Board

The Radical Adventure Riders Job Board

People often ask me about jobs in the cycling industry, though this is quite USA-focused, I'd love to just link to this in the future!

The job listing is a quick and easy way to browse opportunities across the industry for those seeking a job. Whether you are taking your first step or making your next move, from large companies to small bike shops, full-time to part-time, our team reviews each role to make sure it’s relevant for the RAR community.

In UK openings, Brompton is hiring. In Europe, Komoot is hiring all over. And here in Holland, 2moso and Ampler are too!


SUPPORT THE BOX: our local Amsterdam internet radio station
SUPPORT THE BOX, Echobox.radio

SUPPORT THE BOX, Echobox.radio

Echobox Radio needs our help & can only give back to our community if we all help support them too.

Your support is needed to help the station through an exceptionally challenging time.

In return, Echobox will remain an independent platform, offering transparency, diversity, and community, while connecting all, to all.

Watch the short film about Echobox Radio here.

Aaron's Cycle against food insecurity: 2,240km in 14 days

Aaron's Cycle against food insecurity: 2,240km in 14 days

My friend is raising awareness and fundraising for the World Food Program to support Afghans who are suffering from a nationwide humanitarian crisis. Click here to support.

Aesthetic Arrest Jewelry

Aesthetic Arrest Jewelry

During my last trip to Florida, my friend Dani Slate of Aesthetic Arrest Jewelry showed my daughter Mira how to make her very own ring.

Dani regularly releases jewelry collections & some pieces are still up for grabs!

Follow Dani on Instagram too!


Pan Celtic Race 2021 ~The Film~
Pan Celtic Race 2021: The Film - Albion

Pan Celtic Race 2021: The Film - Albion

I'm a sucker for ultra-distance races in far-away places. Though I bias towards competing in 1st editions, this film gets me keen to give the Pan Celtic a go someday!

This year’s Pan Celtic Race was one to savour, with amazing feats of endurance and determination by riders all along the route from Cornwall to Llandudno via Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the west coast of Wales.
Racing through Great Britain and covering almost 2,000km, the Pan Celtic Race this year pushed riders to their limits, whilst giving them an experience they’d never forget.

Here's to staying committed to enjoying & not destroying this week!

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