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Hello! I suppose I'm already on the summer schedule of irregular issue expectations but keeping the dream alive of only sending once I have a solid lineup of highlights to share. To the new subscribers: thank you for signing up! : )

Summer is indeed a time where productivity can evaporate in the heat. You know I like to kick these missives of with handy tips so here goes with inspiration on how to stick to your own deadlines from Kate McKean of Agents & Books.

🔨 1. Sorry, there’s no replacement for actually doing the work –  "It doesn’t get done without that! Make peace with this first." Putting in the work is step one. Seems silly to say this out the gate but really, there's no way around it!

👉 2. Do what motivates you – "Gold stars on your calendar every time you hit a word count goal? Do it. Accountability buddies? Ask a friend to check in with you at the end of the week to see how it went." For me, it's to-do lists & our team worklog channel in slack. If I say something will be done by the end of the week, the accountability to the team ensures I make sure it's done.

5. Be honest about how much time you have – "Be honest about how much rest you need. Rest is not laziness! Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Don’t burn yourself out! Your personal value is not measured by your productivity." Be realistic about your potential output & don’t forget to factor in other expected & unexpected aspects of your daily life. Like rides! ; )

⏲️ 4. Be honest about the time you need – work is about getting it done but it's also about deleting, rerouting/pivoting editing, thinking, and re-thinking. In other words, its rarely a point A to B linear effort so don't over-promise & underestimate the time you need...

5. Now add 10%, maybe 20%  – Whatever you’ve estimated as your daily/weekly/whatever time required—add 10%. Maybe 20%. Give yourself a buffer.  "Be kind to yourself. Actually hitting a realistic deadline is more satisfying than totally blowing a fast one."

📅 6. Ask why you need to hit a certain date – dig into what's driving a deadline and work back from that. Often dates are set arbitrarily, have wiggle room or, conversely, are predicated by bigger initiatives that need the first deadline ot be hit. Work back from that date with the tips above and stay on track!

Let me know if these were helpful and/or if you have other habits you use to make sure to ship what you need to on time!

as always, thank you for reading & sharing,


p.s. if you're looking for some new music, check this live set from one of my favorite local bands (they played to Twotone 5 Year party!): Fix Everything!

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📷 Banner image is by my friend Rasmus for N+1.


After spending Saturday seeing Team BEAT mix it up with the big names in the sport, I support this more than ever!
The Netherlands needs a ProTeam!

The Netherlands needs a ProTeam!

After the disappearance of the Roompot-Charles Cycling Team, Dutch cycling has only one professional men's cycling team above the Continental level: Team Jumbo-Visma.
That is shockingly little for a cycling country with 17 million inhabitants and so much talent. That is why at least one, but preferably several, Dutch ProTeams must be established between the continental teams and Team Jumbo-Visma. Read more here. [Dutch}

p.s. I was in Belgium on Saturday for the 4th stage of the Tour of Belgium and got to see Team BEAT do their thing with a rider in the break + cause a stir with new handlebar approved then banned by the UCI. Like their team motto says: "life is either a daring adventure of nothing"!



"The route was conceived as a trail in a similar vein to the Great Divide MTB trail in the USA, a relatively non-technical crossing of this diverse and fascinating continent. Essentially a dirt road touring route which goes near to some of the already established and technical routes on its way."

Check the promo video on youtube!

India - off road near home | Albion

India - off road near home | Albion

With the last 12 months forcing everyone to train closer to home, India Landy found herself embracing a new relationship with her local trail - the South Downs Way.

Industry & Tech

Our client N+1 is live in the App Store!

Our client N+1 is live in the App Store!

Designed to be your one stop shop for all things bike that you need to purchase online & help you do less scrolling and more rolling. You can download & try N+1 through the Appstore or in the Google Playstore 🛍⁠


They're also hiring!

Supply chain pressure felt by 85% of industry

Supply chain pressure felt by 85% of industry

Turbulence in the supply chain in the cycling industry has been an issue for companies large and small. Even as recently as a few days ago, Shimano was forced to close a factory in Malaysia.

Chart: The Influence of Influencers

Chart: The Influence of Influencers

This chart shows the share of respondents in selected countries who have bought products because celebrities or influencers advertised them.


The Gravel & Bikepacking community: gravgrav

The Gravel & Bikepacking community: gravgrav

My friend Max has a new site that started to inspire readers to get out and explore gravel roads, climbs, and trails in Europe. Click thru & check it + follow them on insta : )

Snobici x Temple Project Jersey 2021

Snobici x Temple Project Jersey 2021

My friends Stan at Snobici & Henokh at Temple at Temple Project have released a new jersey for 2021.

Custom Merit Gear

Custom Merit Gear

Recently the guys at Merit reached out & I learned about a local company here in Amsterdam making some rad looking bags!

And my homie Ezz in Atlanta also making bags got some well-deserved local press there too!


President Biden gifts Boris a Bilenky!

President Biden gifts Boris a Bilenky!

The red, white and blue machine was built in record time in a Philly by the team at Bilenky. This is especially awesome as I've been a Bilenky fan since 2007 or so. In 2009 I got a Bilenky tandem that I still ride with my fiancé & kids to this day!

Here's to less scrolling & more rolling this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
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