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Well, hello!  Snapping out of early summer slumber and back with all the weekly radness that several people have sent notes to check on.

Why the 2nd lapse in a year on the weekly transmission of this 4 year old newsletter? Well, it has been a very busy time with family the past few weeks, quite busy at Twotone and I've been left with very limited time to make the newsletter happen. "Priorities", as they say...

And, once I break the chain, its definitely easy to let it slide!

Well, I was in Florida for my kids' last week of school with a weekend in New Jersey to see my mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin. Then I flew back with Otto & Mira back home to Holland,  so they can spend the summer here.

Our first stop was Nice, well Valbonne, with our tandem for my good friend Chris' wedding. Then back to Amsterdam to get to work on a number of new projects for Twotone, namely a pretty high profile one supporting the Dutch Lottery & Dutch Cycling Federation with PR across several events this race season. (More info, in Dutch, our newsroom).

Other summer highlights have been that Father's Day was a blast, jamming around Amsterdam with the kids and even recovering what we thought was a gone for good stolen bike!

Last weekend, Otto, Mira and I went to Heidelberg for the 1st Flare Bicycle Festival. We stopped en route for BMX Freestyle Worlds in Cologne. (Otto got to meet Matt Hoffman!) Here are little recaps of Day 1 & Day 2. Flare was a great show focused on gravel that I attended on behalf of Pelago & Spengle.

This weekend is Dutch Road Nationals and Mira's 7th birthday party! I've decided to skip Grinduro Scotland this year but have some other adventure cooking!

Lastly, if you're in Amsterdam I hope to see you tonight at the California Golde screening! : )

As always, thank you for reading!

with appreciation,



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My daughters keep asking me what do I do for a living. Most of the time I tell them I shoot pictures of gravel-bikepacking trips. I get strange faces in return, so I thought let's go do a trip together so they can experience it for themselves...

I love this! : )

2moso (Benelux Wahoo Distributor) is hiring a Field & Product Marketeer

2moso (Benelux Wahoo Distributor) is hiring a Field & Product Marketeer

2moso distributes brands that Twotone has be representing for going on 5 years now, like Wahoo, 4iiii and Rokform. If you're keen to get a great job in the cycling industry in The Netherlands and Belgium, this could be for you!

Pelago Stavanger by Erik Plankton

Pelago Stavanger by Erik Plankton

Our current intern Sophie and I have been working hard getting the word out on Pelago's racks. This kind of riding is what it's all about!


Don’t Be a Phonehead

Sure, we all need to look at our phones now and then. But for a growing population, “head down” is no longer merely a brief moment, but how all walking is done.

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.
The Product Experience Playbook – in Beta (don't mind the bugs)

The Product Experience Playbook – in Beta (don't mind the bugs)

Thanks for the heads up on this from Peter of Fwends.net!

Sales & PR

Shift Gear Swap Party Amsterdam #02

Shift Gear Swap Party Amsterdam #02

Plan to stop by Lester Cycles on July 11th! His shop is right on the water of the River Ij and the last one at Patagonia was a great chance to get smokin' deals on some really sweet gear, this edition will be even better!

Xavier van Leeuwe | Revue

Xavier van Leeuwe | Revue

I ran into Xavier at the Avondvierdaagse event (where Dutch gradeschool kids walk 5km for 4 nights in a row) here in Amsterdam this week. He recognized me from my newsletter and told he publishes his own on data, customer experience and other relevant news. Check it out!

Thanks for saying hi Xavier!

Female voice assistants fuel damaging gender stereotypes, says a UN study - MIT Technology Review

Female voice assistants fuel damaging gender stereotypes, says a UN study - MIT Technology Review

Products like Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri are set to sound female by default, and people usually refer to the software as “her.


TONIGHT: We're screening California Golde with Director Sandy Carson at our office!

TONIGHT: We're screening California Golde with Director Sandy Carson at our office!

We'll start grilling and enjoying adult beverages after work and screen at 20:00. For late arrivals, we may play the film once more later in the evening.

RSVP here.

Feel free to bring your own booze & food to grill!

Hope you can make it!

More about the film:

The warm fuzz of a technicolour California summer, captured from the saddle of touring bicycles, amidst the bittersweet backdrop of the smoky Sequoia National Forest fire season.
California Golde is a conceptually spun psychedelic yarn of analogue exploration and recreation in the digital age that ultimately disconnects from our hyped-up, phone-obsessed culture.
  • Directed and produced by Ronnie Romance Jr. and Sandy Carson
  • Cinematography by Sandy Carson
  • Edited by Karen Skløss
  • Sound design by Eric Friend
  • Written and narrated by Ronnie Romance Jr.
  • Colour grade by Sandy Carson
  • Titles by LAND
  • Music by John Wesley Coleman III

Starring 'Ronnie' Romance Jr, Tenzin Namdol, Kyle 'Cubby' Emery-Peck, Erick Cedeno, Sofia Torres, David M.Lane, Moi Medina and Sandy Carson.

Presented by KODAK, Bedrock Sandals and Swift Industries and The Radavist.

A cyclo-touring book of stills from the short film is available here.

© California Golde 2019

All rights reserved.

Here's to staying 'golde' this week!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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