٩(͡๏_๏)۶ Nº90 Will Travel for Gravel 🏔️ 🌄

"As it is always with our trips, bikes broke, weather sucked, and we were lost as hell. Will gladly print the story." – @Farridemag

I'm penning this edition from Basel, Switzerland. I've been here on a double whammy client focussed trip for OBST & GEMÜSE & Far Ride Magazine that just happened to include nearly 6.000m of climbing across ~300km. A fair amount of it was ridden across wonderful Swiss gravel. #willtravelforgravel

Throughout the past 5 days its been mostly smooth sailing on some rocky roads but coupled with some rain & setbacks due to bad luck, poor planning and several miscommunications, there were some headaches.

Ultimately, everything was awesome but everyone on the trip had to overcome some hurdles along the way. I like to try and flip obstacles into opportunities but what are the best ways to do that? Ryan Holiday collected 10 Strategies for Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities:

  1. Alter Your Perspective - We choose how we look at things. How we approach an obstacle determines how daunting it will be to overcome.
  2. Flip The Obstacle On Its Head - The events that we initially perceive as negative all contain a positive, exposed benefit that we can recognize and act on.
  3. Stay Moving, Always. - Those who attack problems and life with most initiative and energy usually win. (#staystoked)
  4. Fail Cheaply and Quickly - There’s nothing wrong with being wrong. Each time it happens, new options open up to us and problems can be flipped into opportunities.
  5. Follow The Process - In the chaos of life, process provides us a way. The process is about doing the little things, right now. Not worrying about what might happen later, or the results, or the whole picture.
  6. What’s Right Is What Works - As they say in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it doesn’t matter how you get our opponent to the ground, only that you take them down.
  7. Use The Flank Attack - Think about this: In a study of more than 280 military campaigns, only two percent were decided on a direct attack on the enemy’s main army.
  8. Use The Obstacle Against Itself - A castle can be an intimidating, impenetrable fortress, or it can be turned into a prison when surrounded. The difference is simply a shift in action and approach.
  9. Seize The Offensive - Ordinary people shy away from negative situations and avoid trouble. What great people do is the opposite.They never waste an opportunity to flip a personal tragedy or crisis to their advantage.
  10. Focus On Something Bigger Than Yourself - Sometimes when we are personally stuck with some impossible problem, one of the best ways to create opportunities or new avenues for movement is to think: "If I can’t solve this for myself, how can I at least make this better for other people?"

Like Nº64 pointed out: Helpfulness can be your best asset after all. ; )

As always, thank you for reading!

with appreciation,


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3 Fiets High And Rising: Lester Cycles Grinder

3 Fiets High And Rising: Lester Cycles Grinder

Measuring a petite 48cm, it’s the smallest frame yet built by Lester Jansen, the man behind Lester Cycles. The owner, Lian, was also out with us this weekend for OBST & GEMÜSE's 8 year Anniversary weekend & subsequent #farridesuisse trip. I really dig this bike!

Spincake Episode 12 NL CRIT & REDHOOK

Spincake Episode 12 NL CRIT & REDHOOK

Stefano's latest podcast marks 3 months of Spincake. He interviews my friend Olaf Wit of the NL Crit Series. They also talk about the recent Ronde van de  Orteliusstraat in Amsterdam.

Vulpine goes into administration, assets to be sold

Vulpine goes into administration, assets to be sold

Launched in 2012 by Nick and Emmalou Hussey, the brand had built up quite a substantial following in the cycling world, which came to enjoy the high quality and performance, but understated style of the brand.

Feeling very bummed about this one. Found out while on this trip. Hoping Vulpine finds a way to keep going.


How Email Newsletters Became a Preferred Source of News for Millennials

How Email Newsletters Became a Preferred Source of News for Millennials

"Newsletters have become an appealing way of receiving news, because they have managed to make the process of news-consumption more about understanding context, and less about knowing that a certain event happened."

Fairly biased source ; ) but Veselina from Revue backs up her claim really well. This newsletter is our number 1 sales channel.

What You Wish You Had Not Done Before You Launched Your App

When launching an app, some mistakes can leave a bitter taste, and can ruin months of hard work, regardless how simple or obvious they seem afterwards.

Modern marketing, the craft of getting ideas to spread, has split. - Seth Godin

Modern marketing, the craft of getting ideas to spread, has split. - Seth Godin

Hat tip to Peter from Let's be Fwends for sharing this post. Seth nails it: it ain't just KPIs or go with your gut. Keen to learn more about the course Seth is developing.


Experiences become memories…good or bad.
Customer Experience is the New Marketing and Customer Experiences are the New Brand

Customer Experience is the New Marketing and Customer Experiences are the New Brand

This means that it’s time to explore experiences (what people actually experience vs what they want to experience) that people have in every aspect, products, policies, services, touch points, et al. At the same time, it’s key to review current policies, processes, incentives, training, etc., for representatives.
How to Maximize the ROI of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

How to Maximize the ROI of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

How do you optimize your funnel using these psychological principles? A few ideas might help:

  • Give without asking.
  • Make them say "yes" to just one simple request.
  • Show them you are an expert in your industry.
  • Make your offer scarce.
Sales and Marketing Alignment Strategies, Process, KPIs

Sales and Marketing Alignment Strategies, Process, KPIs

"The ultimate playbook for building and implementing a successful sales and marketing alignment strategy to generate more revenue."


my 2nd trip with Far Ride Magazine was easily my most eventful 100km ever

#farridesuisse • climbing Swiss Cols with Far Ride Mag

After OBST & GEMÜSE's 8th birthday weekend, we loaded up the van & headed for Aigle at the east edge of the Rhône valley right at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Everyone is still editing photos & you'll see them trickle out via this tag: #farridesuisse & in the next issue of the mag.

Here are the two rides we did in two days. Thank you Far Ride for the opportunity!

#FarRideSuisse Day 1 - 62km - 1,670m

#FarRideSuisse Day 1 - 62km - 1,670m

Weather & mechanical delays meant a late start. We had a 100km+ in mind but had to scrap that plan. On the heels of other headaches, tensions rose & fell like the cols we climbed. By the evening we were all laughing about another epic day on the bike. This ride inspired the them of this issue. ; )

#FarRideSuisse Day 2 - 47km - 1,480m

#FarRideSuisse Day 2 - 47km - 1,480m

Two members of the squad had flights to catch yesterday. We decided to keep the climbing close to home & set out to find some #swissbacks. We didn't encounter snow again but rather a rad suspension bridge!

Here's to turning obstacles into opportunities this week!

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Jon Woodroof
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