໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ Nº245 Psyched for Eurobike! 👋 🚲



Been a minute!

Summer style as annually occurs when the sun goes down later & the issues get sparser but greater!

Biggest news is Eurobike is next week! Full breakdown below of where to go at the show but this issue also has a great interview with Jens Voigt, Brumotti shredding on a Serial 1, a few links about cargo bikes taking over, Erwin at Unbound, Mira on Mechanics of Joy, my friend Russel of Heart Tattoo in Tampa interviewed & our new skatepark setup at the office!

But if you will be in Frankfurt for Eurobike, here is who we're with and what they're up to:

  • 🔧💨 @silca_velo: is exhibiting their entire lineup within the Hartje booth as well as numerous 3d printed examples of their innovative and in-house product development and production.
  • ⚡🚲 @serial1cycles: will have a 2022 RUSH Step Thru demo bike at the Enviolo booth & a 2022 BASH MTN at the @comodule_iot booth on display.
  • 👴⛰️ @oldmanmountainracks: is expanding their presence in the European market and is interested to meet distributors, retailers, and media
  • 🪞🔔 @spurcycle: is keen to meet retailers for their core products & media about a new product launch!
  • 🔌💆 @hyperice: is exhibiting a Recovery Set Up showcasing their Charging Station (consisting of Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hypersphere and Vyper), plus Normatec 3 at the Grofa House of Brands booth.
  • 🚲⚡ @amplerbikes: is showcasing a 2022 model bike at the Dutch bag brand @basilbagsbaskets’ booth if you haven’t seen one yet!
  • ⚙️🚲 @trail.camp.distribution: Try out a @kindernaycorp hub at the show and have an in depth talk with André about the advantages of internally geared hubs at their booth.

Booth numbers & booking links are in our newsroom. : )

as always, thank you for reading & sharing this newsletter!

have a good weekend,



if you’re near Amsterdam, swing by tonite (Friday, July 8) by our office at Tussen de Bogen 6 for our monthly bbq

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📷 Banner illustration of our Asahi homage by Kike Morales for our Eurobike zine.




First time in Frankfurt for Eurobike & we're psyched!

We’ll be sharing more on our Instagram about which rides, events, and parties we’ll be attending, so stay tuned! To ensure you catch us and our clients at the show:

Jens Voigt #ShutUpJokes - The BroomWagon Podcast 🚌

Jens Voigt #ShutUpJokes - The BroomWagon Podcast 🚌

Thank you for the shout-outs, Stefano!

What a great interview with such a legend!

Brumotti X Serial 1

Brumotti X Serial 1

Tell me ebikes aren't for shredding one more time ; )


In charts: e-transport momentum slows in tandem with Covid

In charts: e-transport momentum slows in tandem with Covid

Of course, it's not all sunshine & rainbows: we have a long way to go!

"After the first lockdowns, data suggested commuters were changing their transport ways — but old habits die hard..."

Related: As roads in the US get more dangerous, Canada’s traffic fatalities have been going down. So, why isn’t there a Canadian traffic safety crisis?

Are e-cargo bikes the future of last-mile delivery?

Are e-cargo bikes the future of last-mile delivery?

I say yes. Duh!

The World Economic Forum estimates there will be 36% more delivery vehicles in urban centers by 2030, leading to a corresponding rise in congestion and emissions.
A Bicycle Built for Transporting Cargo Takes Off

A Bicycle Built for Transporting Cargo Takes Off

Even the NYT knows: "Cargo bikes — which can carry everything from passengers to produce — are increasingly being used in place of greenhouse gas-emitting cars, trucks and vans."

I don't wanna give Amazon any free PR but even they're replacing thousands of van deliveries in London with ebikes.

Seems like the #carryshitolympics has gone mainstream!


Erwin's Unbound Playground

Erwin's Unbound Playground

Recently, I got a ride in with Erwin & got to hear first hand about his experience at Unbound. Gotta say, I can relate. I'm always in it to take in the views and not turn the screws. Nice work, Erwin!

The Mechanics Of Joy #12 'Speak to the Youth' w/ Mira

The Mechanics Of Joy #12 'Speak to the Youth' w/ Mira

We recently had my daughter, Mira, live on the Mechanics of Joy. What a joy to hear her speak her mind & even perform live on air! Very proud of her!

In two weeks, our lucky number 13th transmission will air on the 21st, we'll have a special guest: Hahn Rossman to do a randonneur therapy hotline taking calls live during the show! Stay tuned! : )

Kingpin Tattoo Supply Visits: Heart Tattoo in Tampa, Florida

Kingpin Tattoo Supply Visits: Heart Tattoo in Tampa, Florida

Recently Brian and Trent from Kingpin Tattoo Supply interviewed my good friend Russell Widner of Heart Tattoo. I've known Russell since high school & recently got my 2nd tattoo from him.

Great interview, Russell!

Come do a guest spot in Amsterdam!




A loong time dream of @ottowoodroof’s finally came together last weekend with the help of the #Workspacesix Facility Management Association; aka @fish_the_wild_bunch_cc, @hidde630 & Jordan of @texarkananl.

@Manny.granny, @samuel.ntr & Otto, of course, also contributed as well & by the end of the day, we had one mega quarter pipe with a second prepped for assembly in the next days & a radical lil funbox with a bank that came together so very nicely.

I'm looking forward to shredding out front of the Workspace all summer!

Here's us all hopefully achieving what we like next week at Eurobike!

Written by
Jon Woodroof
♥️ @Kristyspark✨, Otto, Mira, Errol, Simone, Brayden & Rowan 💡 living the dream @Workspacesix & @Twotoneams 💌 I love to send special stuff to special people weekly.
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